Board & Committees

2017 Executive Board

Chair: Audra Gerger

Vice Chair: Tracy G. Walton

Secretary:  Michelle Roberts

Treasurer: S. Diane White

Ex-Officio/July Luncheon Chair: Reva Johnson

PAACC Chair: Trina Nkhazi


Committee Chairs

Education: Lynn Anderson (Chair) & Evelene Keys (Co-Chair)

Hospitality: Valjean Williams (Chair)

July Luncheon: Reva Johnson

Membership: Carolyn Hawkins-Brown (Chair), Glenda Shivers (Co-Chair) and Vera Sims Watley

Newsletter: Kathy McClure (Chair)

Programs: Tamiko Leverette

Public Relations/Website: Anthony Thomas

Sponsorship: Dot Steed (Chair) & Richie Morris

Technology: Roshon Thomas (Chair)

Ways and Means: Cheryl Ramey (Chair) & Pam Stover

WOY: Janice Truesdale Harris (Chair), Carolyn Hawkins-Brown & Pam Stover